Blows on cassette

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Posted by Paul S. on 02/08/02 - 06:23:16
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That's the way I learned it. And you're right, it's sacrilege. Continuity is a must!!!And mine was a taped copy. Even worse!! It sounded good to me. A couple years ago I finally bought the cd. I worked at the store and had to order it. And of course I ordered 1 for the store so I could turn people on to it. I took it home,cranked the stereo and blew that Mau Mau out!!It sounded so good I was just freakin'. And then the Let's go together thing. It wasn't easy, but I got over it. But the worst thing, the grandaddy of all is when you unfold the CD cover most of the way, it says "PAUL BLOWS". An injustice to Paul's everywhere. The real bummer in a sense I can vividly remember was tripping by myself and I listed the whole thing. And when it ended I awoke with a flurry of wows, but then realized I was still here stuck on this rock we call home. It is my belief that someday when I'm dead and gone, I'm gonna ride that fuckin' Starship. Live long and prosper. PEACE

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