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Posted by Christo on 02/07/02 - 12:41:33
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The Beatles were a popular Liverpool beat combo in the 60s. They are mostly remembered for introducing the vocal talents of Ringo Starr to a wider audience, and were a main vehicle for George Harrison who went on to greater things, the only one of the band to do so, although Ringo Starr has got close now and then.
The band were hampered by writing team Lennon and McCartney who either wrote novelty songs (When I'm 64, Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Obladi Oblada etc) or maudlin drippy ballads (Long & Winding Road, Hey Jude etc). It would've been interesting to see if the band would've achieved more without their dubious talents. Their solo careers show what little they had to offer...

Sgt Pepper was the first album where George Martin really came into his own as leader of the band. Taking the simple tunes of the boys and arranging them with special effects and string arrangements that place the album almost acheiving the musical heights of Pet Sounds.
Things improved the more Martin's influence increased.
The bands songs nowadays are mostly heard sung to small children as nursery rhymes.

The above is in fun - but somedays when  wake up I think like this. I still prefer Harrison & Starr to McCartney and Lennon.

Interesting to note - I have noticed with the passage of time a difference in how the Beatles are perceived in the US and in the UK. There is an almost holy reverence amongst my USA fans esp from the west coast. I had a pal come over from California wanting to visit Liverpool. I asked why. "Coz of the Beatles, man!!!".
Oh right - I guess distance makes for the exotic, and Americans relish history more than UK'ans. To UK'ans Liverpool is a grotty former seaport mostly known for violence and its football team.

I agree with Don (hope your doin well, Don and getting stronger ny the day) , it's perverse not to include it as one of the most influencial of albums.
Mind you I never like these charts of 100 most important albums. For me music depends on mood - oranges and sheep get compared in these notional lists and there are times when The 5th Dimension's greatest hits can seem like the best album ever. Ever. And don't get me started on Lisa Stansfield when I'm in THAT mood.

I can see Kevin's foondness for giving a sacred cow a good scrutiny tho - depends how it's done. Me? I've never thought much of Shakespeare as a writer.

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