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Posted by Cathode on 02/07/02 - 05:44:14
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You bet I remember him.  I lived in North Jersey from '67 - '72 and remember his TV show, and of course WNEW.  Anybody remember WBAI radio, a Pacifica, listener sponsored show?  John Lennon would sometimes do on-the-air fund raising from their small building in Manhattan. It was a neat, old building with a small performance space.  Excellent, free-spirited radio.  Having lived in Mountain View, CA (near SF) from '65 - '67, it was great to be able to listen to WBAI as an escape from the more Square East Coast vibe.  The SF culture came sweeping across the nation shortly after I moved to NJ but there was about a six month period where there were lots of guys still wearing pants with cuffs and penny loafers.  Six months later, it was blue jeans and garrison belts.


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