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Posted by Mission Control on 02/06/02 - 21:19:13
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The politically incorrectness was referring to "Mr. Death" in light of Don's surgery.  As a New Yorker (Stranger In A Strange Land - known as California), I have found myself ... alpha personality & sense of humor ... SOMEWHAT misunderstood.  Combine that with my hatred of The Lakers, fanaticism for The Mets ... & well - you get the idea.

There are some of yucky things I find about message boards - which I'll refrain from elucidating so as to not offend some of our shipmates, but one wonderful thing is the serendipity of encountering people with whom you share musical affections & affectations.  I was RT's first U.S. agent ... & booked the only ever Richard & Linda Thompson U.S. tour ... during which, the long-married couple decided to divorce.  There they were ... the Thompson's singing songs of heartbreak & regret ... actually going through it each night on stage.  It was some of the most amazing music I ever witnessed.

Most Thompson fans I come across, are mainly into his post "Hand Of Kindness" work, which frankly, doesn't move me.  Gimme "The Poor Boy Is taken Away," or "New St. George" anyday.  Come to think of it, It's been too long since I sat down & listened to HENRY, THE HUMAN FLY.  Thanks Cricket!

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