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Posted by rusty on 02/06/02 - 20:32:20
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 a  note for those who weren't in NY in the '60;s & early '70's. zacherle was john zacherle,a DJ who had previously been a host for horror movies shown on tv in the NY area.  where he would appear in ghoulish makeup and costume andintroduce the films as well as doing weird "demonstrations and lectures"  before that he did a similar gig on, i believe, WCAU in Philly, where he was billed as Roland. I stayed up late on many a friday & saturday night digging this "cool ghoul" and was delighted to discover him as a radio DJ a few years later. i never saw him introduce acts at the fillmore east but did see him in full ghoul costume intro a show in central park. anybody out there old enough to remember him?

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