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Posted by Christo on 02/06/02 - 17:17:02
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Trying to put computer back together and return my virtual environment to something like it's old self pre-crash of monday -
Spent the evening loading the files and disks to the plane.
Surrealistic Pillow (rarely play this thru these days), was followed by Takes Off (I hankered after Signe), then it was on to Baxters which just HAS TO BE played all the way thru ! and now I'm on the Crown of Creation.
Its rare that situations require me to sit and listen to album after album right thru - tonight has been a reminder of how much great music there is on the classic early albums. Funny how many songs one kinda forgets too, and delights to rediscover...
Ice Cream Phoenix just draws to a close and I'd better get back to stuffing the disks in...

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Fact 2: When given this information,
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