Who now would be PERRO?

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Posted by Musing Fundamentalist on 02/06/02 - 15:39:38
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Good response, Eth.

Certainly, nobody else from those days seems to have to shown the slightest interest in the concept after 75.

You have to give the Cros credit for his major participation in the 75 Lesh/Lagin(?) "SEASTONES" project (which also included Slick, Freiberg and Dryden and some very peripheral Kantner involvement.)

It's also worth wondering if the 74 and 74 Robert Hunter albums could be considered PERRO-ish albums - utilising the talents of people like Garcia, Hart, Freiberg, Pete Sears and Barry Melton.

Personally - and perversely! - I don't actually perceive Paul's "PERRO" to be a real PERRO venture. After years of Paul saying he wouldn't do another solo album, "PERRO" appears to have been done very much as a riposte to the over-commercial "WINDS OF CHANGE" album. Just read Paul's commentary (on the inner bag) on the title track and the then-JS!

But the musicians are essentially a tight team of Kantner, Slick (vocals), Chaquico (guitar), Sears (keyboards), Casady, (bass) and Dunbar (drums) - plus producers Ron Nagle and Scott (Free) Matthews on pretty much everything else. It's an interesting variation of a never-officially-recorded JA/JS line-up - and, as an overall album, it works incredibly well - "BATE" in lyrics but more "SUNFIGHTER" in feel.

PERRO, it really isn't.

So I couldn't really support Paul having more ownership of the PERRO concept than anybody else. The remnants of the concept seemed to kind of die off around 75.

Which is a great shame. As I tried to say earlier, PERRO was an opportunity missed to make some changes about the way the pop industry develops and markets product.

In the end, it was down to the Dead to do it their way - and do it they did! But I never went for them - "After months of hanging around with Crosby Stills & Nash, the simple truth is the poor bastards still can't sing!" [Rolling Stone, 1973] - I can feel an Eth Fatwa being constructed!

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