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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 02/06/02 - 05:56:45
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Good old WNEW-FM.  I remember the station well.  One day in October 1973, Grape & Paul stopped by WNEW and had a pretty cool chat with Scot Muni about Baron Von Tollbooth. They helped to sponsor the Jefferson Starship's May 12, 1975, free concert in Central Park in NYC that they broadcast live over the radio.  Several months later the concert was rebroadcast and then eight years later on Sunday Night Live.  Then there was Dave Herman's 1989 Morning Wake-up Call that lampooned the Jefferson Airplane.  

I also remember Pete Fornatale's Mixed Bag very well.  I use to listen to that show every Sunday morning.  He began the show in 1982 when there was a revival of folk music scene in NY.  Suzanne Vega was just starting out and she a popular regular on the show.  He also hosted Donavon's first US concert appearance after an eight year absence at his Mixed Bag Concert held at Caldwell College.  Sad that there isn't very many good radio programs out there anymore.

I thought WDHA went off the air years ago.  But I sure had fun at their Chocolate Mouse contest.

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