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Posted by Cricket on 02/06/02 - 01:20:41
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Many thanks, M.C.!  

I hadn't played "Now That I Am Dead" in ages, & as I did today, I realized that people here would probably get a kick out of the lyrics even without the tastefully-berserk vocal. I'll copy them below.  BTW, which part is "politically incorrect"?

As for FFTK's "A Blind Step Away" -- you, New Yorker that you are,  either have a much thicker skin than this California girl; are less histrionic; or perhaps are identifying with the blindfolded man, whereas I identify with the poor pining woman.  In any case, while I agree that the song "never fails to force one toward contemplation and introspection", I have to add that it just about does me in every time I hear it.  It makes me so sad, I'd stop playing it if it weren't so incredibly beautiful.  For those unfamiliar with it, here are the opening lines, so you get some sense of the song (but RT's somber, incantatory vocal adds a lot to these lyrics -- so the beauty may not come through):

"They blind his eyes
with a silken scarf,
and in his ear a friend explains,
'The one you catch
is the one you kiss.'
How we all love party games!

Oh the years that she has watched him,
is this the day?  
Oh is this the day?
How she shakes as he approaches,
a blind

He never knew how much she loved him,
standing there a step away,
his eyes tied,
blind man's bluff,
a blind

He was always reaching, reaching,
never knew where comfort lay,
he never knew
how much she loved him,
a blind

[there are a few more verses]
from French Frith Kaiser Thompson's  "Live, Love, Larf & Loaf" CD

* * * *

OK -- now for the fun.  Here are the lyrics for "Now That I Am Dead".  I'm sticking in one notation to help make up for the terrible loss it is not to have the music & vocals here. The abbreviation DDL stands for "demented, diabolical laughter."  Apologies to R.T.

"Now that I am dead
my agent finally said
he wanted to have lunch with me.

Now that I'm deceased
my record sales increased,
I'm making lots of royalties.

I''m a composer decomposing,
I'm on the Rockers' Roll of Fame.
My songs the critics are praising,
yes they even learned to spell my name.

Now that I've expired
my pictures in The Enquirer,
psychics claim to contact me-e-e-e.

Now that I have kicked
the Rolling Stone has picked
my albums as 'the best that be'.

They all say that I was
since the break-up with my wife.
But their payment plan was
not the best...
My check was 'in the mail' all my life!

Since I'm pushing daisies
lawyers who were lazy
are negotiating deals.

Now that I've been boxed
they say my music rocks.
It's taken on a new appeal.

Too bad my genius was discovered
after my coffin was covered.
But I'm forever grateful for eternity
now that my video's on MTV.


Death always seemed so rash,
but now I have lots of cash!

Now that I'm dead,
I can finally make a living!


I am Mr...


That one's from FFKT's CD,  "Invisible Means"

Ok, chirps-out...


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