2 PK & MC: If interested in a radio interview in NYC, WFUV (90.7FM) might be a good choice...

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Posted by Gerry on 02/06/02 - 00:58:57
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To PK, MC and the powers that be...

If there is interest in JS doing a radio interview during their tour in NYC a few months from now, one station that I would suggest is WFUV at 90.7FM. WFUV is a non-commercial station that plays a great selection of varied, eclectic folk/rock/blues/etc tunes.  It might be a good way to reach some new listeners, as well as connect with some old ones that might not be aware that JS is very much alive.

In particular, one WFUV host that might be interested in an interview is Pete Fornatale, who hosts "Mixed Bag" from 5-8PM on Saturday evenings.  You might even be acquainted with Pete.  He was a DJ at the venerable WNEW-FM for years starting back in the late 60's.  Starting back around the 80's, Pete began hosting a weekly show that he called "Mixed Bag", borrowing the title from the Richie Haven's album.   It has always been a treat to listen to, but since one year ago when Mixed Bag began to be carried on WFUV, it has been incredible.  Pete is a master at identifying various topics for his show and then choosing songs and performances that express those topics. It is radio that one can sit down to, listen to and enjoy.  Back on 11/3, Pete even included "Have You Seen the Stars Tonight" as part of a theme about night (see http://www.wfuv.org/wfuv/playlists/bag011103.html).  On 9/8/01, Pete had Roger McGuinn on for an interview and live studio performance.

If any of this sounds interesting, recorded streaming archives of prior shows are available for listening at http://www.wfuv.org, just click on the link in the menu bar on the left that says "WFUV Archives".

Also, here is a link for play lists from previous Mixed Bag shows:

Finally, WFUV can be listened to live, streaming on the Web at:
http://www.wfuv.org/stream.html  (note, WFUV has a very varied format, and depending on when one tunes in, almost anything could be heard -- the schedule is at http://www.wfuv.org/wfuv/schedule.html)

If there is interest in an interview, and for whatever reason Mixed Bag is not a good match, then perhaps the City Folk show during the week days and week nights could also be a good choice. Vin Scelsa's Idiot's Delight show (which airs from 8PM-Midnight Saturday, after Pete's show) might be another possibility.  Any of the WFUV staff may be contacted via the email addresses at http://www.wfuv.org/wfuv/email.html. (Rita Houston is the Music Director, and would be the one to contact if you did not want to contact one of the hosts directly.)


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