Sgt Pepper's Overrated Rock Album

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Posted by kevin "I" schmidt on 02/06/02 - 00:41:27
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I only put Sgt. Pepper in the top twenty because of its social impact when it was released in 1967.  This may come a surprise to you.  But Sgt. Pepper isn't that good musically.    

I've read all your post and its obvious you have narrow musical taste and knowledge.  Your pick of twenty read like a list of personal favorites.  You are in a rut with the music you listen to.  Listen to something new and different and leave the comfort zone your currently operating in.  The more you open yourself up to new experiences the more exciting and larger the world becomes. And the happier you will be.  

Can you explain why Miles Davis, Kind of Blue is so unimportant?  The influence of the soundtrack to West Side Story goes way beyond Alice Cooper's, Schools Out. Do you know why the West Side Story soundtrack is so important? If you wish to discredit me then you should have framed an intelligent argument why my list of top twenty albums is insufficient of being considered influential.  Calling me idiot does nothing to enhance your credibility about musical subject matter.  

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