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Posted by Ethel on 02/05/02 - 19:34:50
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Which issue do we, Joe and Joette, feel better about fighting?

1.)  Evil Drugs + Terrorism

2.)  Our own Comsumption + Terrorism

Catch 22 all over the place.  

The drugs pay, for the opposing governments to pay, for ACCESS to, the final recources of the world.  

The DRUG war 'wants' to be lost----but makes us feel better, while the RESOURCES war rages on
unabated, fueled by drug money, and other HUGE corporate interests.

Human lives in the balance, are surely becoming of less and less consequence, as always, but more

We DO need some media to know things---but we better watch out what we know from the media.

The scenario builders are BUILDING and they have the bucks to build.  They want to have popular support.  

I'd like to support someone who would whip me into shape in a tough, logical way.  But it won't happen!!!  They don't even want it for themselves!

I shouldn't even post this private ramble--but I'm gonna anyway--over-simplification is ME.

Respect to all, as always,

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