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Posted by Eth on 02/04/02 - 21:57:30
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High ideals are great.

U2, and the production, had the strength to touch souls---depending on viewer mindset.

I don't follow sports--but get all the peripherals
by proxy.  When I step IN..... to the HUGELY
capable U2 thing, after the hearing horrific Barry Manilow thing, from the next room........

I just THINK.....NOW...... this is so much better,
perhaps it's even more scary!!!!!!!

I'm JUST wary about rising tides of nationalism.
I don't hear us worrying about THAT--but I DO.
I get real stiff about that.

Also, no one has the money to put the name of every dead victim of everything else in the world up on a screen.  

So I just worry about things getting out of some
kind of perspective overall......ya know?????

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