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Posted by Mission Control on 02/04/02 - 20:53:00
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... I can't help but sigh at your seeming bitterness ... to ... most everything.

Advertising is an annoying but necessary part of life in our society.  When your favorite music first got played on the radio way back when), it was because of advertising.  Commercials are indeed advertising - most are annoying ... some are funny & brilliant.  Yes, the plot is to seduce you into buying product.  But you don't sound like a Shopping Channel zombie housewife, so why the hard assed attitude about "them trying to steal your money?"  If you don't like what they're selling, don't buy it.  have you never seen an ad for ANYTHING you thought was useful?  Man, I wish I had your intellect & insight - to know all - inately.

As for re-worked chords, name one Artist other than Steely Dan (& other jazz musicians), whose compositional skills DON'T utilyze re-worked chords.  After Chuck Berry, Hank Williams, Woody Guthrie & Robert Johnson, one can argue all else is re-worked chords.  

That BB King song you're referring to was written by U2 by the way - it singularly resurrected his career ... I know - I was his agent at that time & BB went from playing jook joints to concert halls, because of U2.

I don't know what video you're talking about, but again U2 no more than occassionally 'quote' someone else's material - they have only covered one or two songs.

As for film, it occurs to me that none of The Golden Globes winners ... & none of the Academy winners to be ... & none of the highest grossing films  had either boobs or bombs.  I don't mean to be argumentative, but incorrect or misleading or malinformed platitudes should not go uncorrected or unchallenged - should they?  The top grossing films this year are "Shrek," "Harry Potter," "Monster's Inc." (all good family fun) ... critically, "A Beautiful Mind," "In the Bedroom,"  "Lord Of The Rings," & "Amelie," all well done, literate entertainment.  This coming year's reworking of "Time Machine," plus "Spiderman," "MIB II" "Star Wars: Episode II," etc. are escapist fun/sci-fi, which I quite enjoy (along with serious film).  No boobs & bombs (OK, some might bomb) amongst them.

As for your hundred bands, better than U2 ... have at it.  Let's make it easier, how about 100 bands still playing music ... how about 10?

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