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Posted by ionsea on 02/04/02 - 19:58:17
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The last 10 minutes were Super Bowl worthy.  Good thing I was too lazy to turn it off before then.  Commercials are the bane of American football, they ruin the continuity.  I've been watching since the late '50's.  I don't care how hootsy or "innovative" they are, they're still after my money and they'll do all the little psycho-visuals they need to do to get it.  I resent that.  I resent all that time and energy devoted to snatching away my hard earned bucks.  I'd rather buy what I need, not what they want me to think I want.  

Commercial cinema is all boobs and bombs.  Nothing wrong with that I suppose, but I'll keep my dough for more exciting thrills.  Sure don't need to be overwhelmed with commercials about them, "good" as the commercials might be.

I was remembering a U2 video from a few years back and the band  seemed to exalt in their ability to play covers.  They seemed to have a knack for it, per Bono.  I don't mean the songs they've put on albums, but the songs they themselves prefer playing.  Some of them were played during the video and Bono was right, they're very good at covers; they just pick em right up, like that BB King song.  Other than that, I think they're all hype and no more.  U2 are hip to Euroleftist slogans and are talented at putting some of those things in song format and that's what makes them so big around the world.  I'm actually surprised that they sell as well as they do here in the states.  I found a couple of their early songs stirring, in a martial, celtic fashion when I was into that sort of thing, but it seems like it's the same old tired reworked chords presented as new anthem each time since, just sub a few different chords or the intro and it's the same song.  I guess I expected more of them after the first couple of albums and I've been dissapointed.  No big deal, just my opinion, I don't expect or want to change yours.  But I'd pay good money to see at least a hundred other bands before I'd reach U2 on my list.

Agreed, it's good not everything is a government plot or Enron, or other social disaster.  I'd never make it out of Winter if I thought it was.  It's just been too much hype, consumption (commercials), glitz and glitter for this old bastard.  Actually got me physically ill a few hours after we turned off the tv.  Maybe next year I'll go for a hike instead.  Unless the Bowl is between the Senators (what I bet they'll name the team currently known as the Redskins once the PC Police finish with Mr. Snyder's head) and a team that can maintain it's composure against them.  Who might they be, you think?

Here's to a warm loving vibrant earthy seductive Spring, with lots more JS to enjoy!

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