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Posted by Mission Control on 02/04/02 - 17:21:17
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... you mean Grateful Dead, not U2.  The Dead covered a substantial amount of material ... U2 occassionally quote The Doors, Beatles, play a Lou Reed song .. but a "cover band."  Name one song they've ever covered!

As for the same song over & over again .. one might say the same about ANYBODY that has their own SOUND.  Rock music is ALL three chords at heart, isn't it?  Is the fact that Pete Townshend, Paul Kantner, Richard Thompson, Bob Dylan, et al continue to modify their favorite modalities, mean THEY have one song.  If you said Springsteen or Neil Young (especially) were re-writing the same song, I might agree - not that I mind that ... they're both so good.  Now Tom Petty - there's a bloke who needs to move the needle on his turntable to a different riff.  He's been a bore for over 20 years.

But U2 is the genuine articel.  I suppose their commercial success blinds you to the elegance of their music & world view of their lyrics.  Maybe Bono's glasses turn you off.  I never went in for fashion myself.  But any Artist that could get a packed arena of commercially boffo fans to listen to Peggy Seeger's "Spring Hill Mining Disaster" is
a musical force to be reckoned with ...

And their black scrim ... scrolling thr names of the 911 dead to the tune of "Where The Streets Have No Name" was one of the most moving rock moments U have ever witnessed.  It made me downright jealous of the brilliance that conceived it.

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