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Posted by Mission Control on 02/04/02 - 17:07:20
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I'm 'fuckin' crazy' because my opinion is different?  Get back to the U.S.S.R. if you don't want to hear someone else's opinion, comrade!  You must have a real clusterfuck at Baskin Robbins ... 31 flavors & all.

My post was a response to someone stuck on Hot Tuna & other music of the distant past, perhaps wary ... definitely unfamiliar with the work of U2.  I was offering a point of reference that might aply.  When "1983 A Merman I Shall Be" first appeared in 1968, Alan Douglas copped more than a few George Martin riffs from "Magical Mystery Tour" to enhance the sonic mystique of Hendrix's virtuoso chops & brilliant compositions.  Daniel Lanois & Brian Eno, using the vast aural landscape of their time in the 1980s accomplished the same task of implementing sound design (a motion picture production term) to codify what would ultimately become U2's unique sound.

A music fan of more recent vintage, hearing "Fire" for the first time, might be as impressed as you obviously were by hearing "Ladyland" for the first time.

Have fun playing your balalaika.

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