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Posted by ionsea on 02/04/02 - 17:03:20
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Who died and made you dog?!  What international poll?  No one asked me what I thought.  Don, you've added much to my cache of musical knowledge, assuming what you write is true.  I enjoy your stories of the past.  But what in the world difference does it make if the masses think U2 are cool?  I don't.  As an American I have every right to make my voice heard in things effecting America, such as the superbowl.  I don't usually watch the SnooperBowl anyway, can't stand the commercials endemic to american football games on tv, but I was feeling lowenergy and what the hell, it was something to kill time til the Magic Portal opened.  I thought the first half sucked, but then to see Sonny Bono up there with all the falderal, it was a big slap in the face to have a non-USA group be the big halftime focus.  And then to have Sir Paul at the table with Terry and the others?  Are there no Americans who'd been worthier?  I'm not a big flag-waving idiot, but why not this year have the focus be US artists?  Why not have JS provide the musical transition between halves?  Why not have Willie Nelson or even Alan Keyes trading inanities with the jocks?  

Not that any of it makes any difference, but I guess I was due for a rant.  Sorry.  No harm intended.  And nothing personal.  Think I'll just go downstairs and bang on my drums a while.  So much injustice going on, so little any one of us can do about it.  Shit.............

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