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Posted by Liz on 02/04/02 - 17:01:59
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Thanks Kevin!!!
I will look for those too/two!

My morning "trip" to Haight Street & Amoeba Music has resulted in 3 more CD's:

The Byrds,  Live at the Fillmore Feb 1969 (THANKS Cricket!)
Traffic, Feelin' Alright, the very best of Traffic
The Corrs,  In Blue

If I pick up your suggested CD's I'll have dozen new/old music experiences...

I don't want to go home... I think I left enough dog food for at least a month,
I wonder if the hotel will give me a monthly rate?  Mark Hopkins?  Probably NOT!  

However, the weather in Minneapolis this morning was 7 degrees,
maybe I should try the Dorothy & her Ruby Slippers thing...  "I will NEVER go Home" 3x!!!

Liz, who is on her way OUT to look for shoes...
do they sell Ruby Slippers at Saks?????

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