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Posted by Mission Control on 02/04/02 - 14:42:42
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... WE used to accuse our elders of closed mindedness when they poo-pooed OUR music.  OUR parents found JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, GRATFEUL DEAD & THE WHO unlistenable.  Is this what U2 sounds like to you?  They are DIRECTLY, musically desendent of THE BEATLES, THE WHO & THE DOORS ... & frequently pay homage by 'quoting' material of their forebears in concert.

I find the music video phenomenon as a negative ("video killed the radio star"), but still let my ears do the walking, so to speak.  If you are unfamiliar with U2's music, I am excited for you.
"The Unforgettable Fire" is as sonically challenging as "Electric Ladyland,"  ... "The Joshua Tree" (named for that area of the Southern California desert where Gram Parsons requested his body be cremated ... another link with the halcyon rock past), is as contiguous as "Abbey Road" - every cut a killer ... YES commercially succesful, but so were THE BEATLES.  Then, U2 helped bring BB KING to a new audience via their collaboration on "Love Comes To Town," from the follow-up "Rattle & Hum."  Subsequent releases have incorporated more contemporary sounds & are not for the sonically faint of heart.  But riddle me this:  With no disrespect to maestros JORMA & JACK ... who once cut the stratosphere with the likes of "Funky #7" & "Sea Child," - how many times can one hear those Rev. Gary Davis & other old songs, without a speck of new material ... & still admire.  U2 may be solitary in their achieving both immense commercial success without compromising to popular sensibility.  They don't sound quite like anyone else ... but many Artists seem bent on sounding like them.  There are few if any groups who after 20 years, still compose new, compelling music.  Come to think of it - NO ONE else has.

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