War vs. Terrorism/drugs/Superbowl ad...

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Posted by Paul K on 02/04/02 - 12:34:08
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OK  many of you saw the terrorism/drugs ad yesterday

smoke a joint...
"Have you now or have you ever...!!!..."

for your consideration:

The real terrorists NOW
are Enron, energy companies et al, insurance companies, HMOs, etcetera, etcetera. etcetera...

ripping people's lives apart
taking food out of the mouths of children

Every time you now turn on the lights, the TV or the washing machines you are contributing to these vultures who deserve at least fifteen years in Attica,
tho probably two or three days there for them would
serve the purpose'
[300 pound Attica bubba:"Well, Mr. Enron/Lay, do you want to be the 'husband' or the 'wife'?"
Lay: "...Uhhhhh...the husband..."
300: "Well, Mr Lay, get down on your knees now and start sucking your 'wife's' cock.]

Ahhhhh...the possibilities
Let's film it for a 'realism' TV show

What in dog's name has happened to the concept of Ethics and morality in American business

I know...back to business as usual, but oughtn't they be held to an 'American standard' and have at least the decency to cover it up better, and not get caught and not embarrass us all for being made such fools of...?

shades of Ferdinand Marcos...


...More later on thw Christian Brothers and the early 60 Minutes show last night about the Australian/British abuses of children in Australia starting in 1947

did you see it?


You ought to phone AND write to British AND Australian consulates as well as The Christian Brothers with a note of disgust at their then and current behaviour.

I will

utterly disgusting

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