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Posted by C B Rollins on 02/04/02 - 11:53:56
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Just read the informative Chris Welch book 'CREAM: the legendary sixties supergroup' which is based on reminicences of Bruce and Baker along with various contemporaries( but very little from E.C.)-lots of cool pictures, a listing of all their shows, and a rundown of recording, films etc; my first exposure to real 'rock music' was hearing them (on a revolving stage!) at the Spectrum in Philadelphia in Nov of 68(their'farewell'tour-5th to last concert they played). Although they seemed bored and stood far apart from each other, they were very professional and delivered what to me at age 14 was a mind altering evening (no drugs required...) The specific Hot Tuna I refer to was the Jack/Jorma/Steeler combo(where is Mr Steeler nowdays? Or Ron Dudley? but thats a topic for another day) PS- I love being the 'bogeyman' at these bulletin boards- its wild what response you can get from a brief crackpot statement!

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