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Posted by C B Rollins on 02/04/02 - 09:22:53
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No, I guess I don't, although my kids are quick to point out that most retired stoners my age don't 'get' much of anything...Someone was asking Don Imus a similar question this morning, if he would rather have heard Willie Nelson sing 'Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain'. I believe I prefaced my post with the disclaimer that it was just my own moronic opinion; in any case, I accept the Stuporbowl as a exercise in corporate America's faith in the gullibility of the herds of beer guzzling riffraff who justify the insane amounts of $$$ squandered on TV advertising (although, as a New England resident I must gloat over the wads of loot many of these goofs must have lost on their point spread wagering) Rant rant rant...but I'm not likely to run out to buy a U2 record anytime soon, or the Police for that matter- haven't really liked any power trios since Cream or mid 70's Hot Tuna.Don't take it personal!

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