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Posted by Sean on 02/04/02 - 09:10:29
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Your thinking on this matter is quite simplistic.  Door pounding fundamentalists are the ones who believe in an eye for an eye.  There is a big difference between defending one's self, wife, children, etc., in which situation the use of deadly force is justifiable, and sitting in a room and making the cold, rational calculation to murder another human being.  Capital punishment is the most premeditated murder there is.  Your point about first hand knowledge is completely and utterly intellectually dishonest; using that standard, noone would ever be able to make a judgment or take an action that they hadn't made or taken before.  The horse ain't dead, my friend, it's just that most human beings are still stuck thinking on a primitive level, as your message (coming from someone whose posts normally seem quite thoughtful) demonstrates.  The fundamental moral problems that human beings face as rational agents in the world will not be left behind when you jump on your starship to space.  

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