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Posted by Don Aters on 02/04/02 - 08:35:46
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I wouldn't worry about trite comments from anyone who just rambles about what they "think' they know about music and subsequent origin of bands.
Last year was the first since the birth of The beatles that with an International Poll, the band most popular world-wide was not The beatles (places 2nd) but actually U2.  Certainly exposure, and the fact that time has diminished the Fab Four from visual observation has some relevance  and death hasn't been beneficail either but.......fact remains that U2 are more of a commonality than any other musical grouip.
Add to that other favorites of Baby_Boomers, i.e., The Stones, The Kinks, led Zeppelin, Van morrison, The Animals, Traffic and even Hendrix and James taylor had to go to London to find their own musical evolution.
As a rule, we hear you and you need not defend your stance on music knowledge.  "Sinmple Minds" usuall spout "simple Comments".

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