Damn pedestrians, they should move it ...

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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 02/04/02 - 04:51:44
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In San Francisco they have this crazy idea pedestrians have the right of way.  Its even worse with all the bicycle riders during the week and a nightmare during critical Mass Fridays.  Those two wheeled lawless treehuggers can inhale the exhaust of my Jefferson Attitude-mobile SUV.  Hey y'all ... feel free to wave, give me the finger, or say hello if ya see me.  With a little common sense you can identify me on any road.  Trust me its a one-of-a-kind, just like me ... lol

I learned to drive back east and can even make a NYC cab driver hit the breaks in city traffic road chicken.  Handy skill when driving the streets of SF, Bezerkely, and LA.  

In the East Bay the bicyclist on the weekends are the worst.  They like to get dressed up in multicolored spandex as if they are participating in the Toure DE France.  But since these people are weekend bicyclist with a gut the size of Rhode Island, I call it the Toure DE Beer-gut.  Anyone still think my earlier post to W7 about how to meet and date women on the Internet was a joke???

BTW ... my favorite expression when pedestrians and bicyclist are blocking me in traffic is to YELL at them:  HEY CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE, MOVE IT IF YOU WANT TO LIVE TO GET LAID AGAIN!!!

Try it sometime, it really works ...

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