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Posted by Liz on 02/04/02 - 00:15:23
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I am a lucky girl!!!
Our Wine Coutry adventure resulted in my aquisition of 7 new CD's
and thus far, I find that Eva Cassidy is my favorite.
Such sadness to listen to her sing and understand
that her voice is no longer with us (death caused by breast cancer?).
I have no doubt that  I WILL aquire the other 2 recordings (the music shop had them all!).

For those interested, my aquisitions, by gift & purchase, were:

Eva Cassidy,  Eva by Heart
CPR,  Just Like Gravity
Clandestine,  The Haunting
Poet, a Tribute to Townes Van Zandt
Greg Brown,  Slant 6 Mind      
Grace Slick,  Dreams
Gregg's Eggs

Music for the Heart & Soul!!!!



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