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Posted by Mission Control on 02/04/02 - 00:13:38
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U2 are the only band to emerge post 1980 that are the REAL thing.  THE CLASH started off great, but dissolved into addiction(s).

U2 write lyrically compelling material buoyed by THE EDGE's interestiung open tunings & effects.  Their first selection, last year's "Beautiful Day" was killer.  Do you know what the song is about?
NO ... i'll tell you:  You've lost your job ... you've lost your wife (& family), you've lost all wordly possessions ... you have no money - but you don't care ... 'cause it's a beautiful day.  This kind of thinking is called "Buddha consciousness" & is truly relevant to these times.

Their staging for the "Where The Streets Have No Name" - the black scrim, scrolling names of the fallen ... then dropping from the ceiling was one of the greates stage effects I have ever seen.  This song is so pertinent to 911 ... " ... see the dust cloud rise over you ..." it might be considered prophetic.

For all time great anthems ... US are in a class all their own ... with Paul Kantner & Peter Townshend.

Maybe their immense popularity turns you off ... look past it & check out the music ... too many great songs to mention here.

As for "what's an Irish band ... etc."  The American ideals ... embodied in The Constitution & Gettysberg Address (& BIG kudos to the producres if The Super Bowl for those wonderful segments) - resonate wih ALL peoples.  The Irish have always looked to America (antipathetic as they have been to The Crown) ... migrated to America ... most of the police & firefighters that fell on that fateful day were of Irish descent ... & the gifts of 'liberty for ourselves & our posterity' are for ALL people ... even for those that would see us fall.

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