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Posted by Liz on 02/03/02 - 19:20:19
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Ashcrofts obsession about the Spiri of Justice
leads me to believe that he is turned on by it
and wants her all to himself...

That particular "milky way" appears to be for the chosen few...
my mind keeps sending me this image of Ashcroft,
late at night, secretly sucking the tit of justice dry...

NOW i need some of that wine I picked up yesterday,
for I need to CLEAR my MIND of that dreadful thought!!

A friend did a body cast of his nude self
but when it came time to place the bronze in the gallery
he had second thoughts about revealing himself to the world...
The solution... he welded a hinged bronze loin cloth to the sculpture...
interactive art!!  to see or not to see...
let there be personal choice in the matter!


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