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Posted by committee-kvetcher on 02/03/02 - 13:19:55
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that Eth classified us as people who


listening to music"?

Don't mind!
Don't mind!
Live Airplane!
Don't mind!

Y'all should know if you're signing onto this happily wandering, hedonistic little sub-committee of ours, which you're welcome to do: So far, the bar's not raised all that high.  To wit:

Eth would just like for you not to MIND listening to the band play, or
to mind
listening to music in general.

The rest, you know, can be your choice...

& feel free to take some time thinking about it.

But DO, everyone, search your hearts between now & April & see if you honestly can meet that basic criterion of not minding...

At this point I'd better ease up on the teasing, because I believe my fellow committee members now have a couple things on ME that, well, it's just like A-Deck: we get to know each other, we remember things, some of those things come back & take a little nip out of your...

Well, I don't mind...


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