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Posted by Cricket on 02/03/02 - 12:56:58
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Hi, Buck --
     ...Just wanted to tell you that a few days ago I visited your site for the first time (responding to your invitation here) & I was impressed with its beauty and the obvious dedication you'd put into elaborating on past visions (& inspiring new ones) of future human communities in space.  

I didn't sign in at your site, because I felt: I have only so much time for these kinds of engagements, & I am committed HERE, & would hate to see our energies siphoned off in too many other directions (a concern you just spoke to in your post, about a "duplication of purpose").  What you did, I think, was wonderful -- both the site you created & also its dissolution, so that those energies can be brought here.  I hope this means we'll be hearing a lot more from you here, because you seem to have great passion & vision, and already have contributed quite a lot.


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