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Posted by Don Aters on 02/03/02 - 12:49:00
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The webmaster is just that (Todd Bolton) and not a finer person on the planet but not like the JS who may or may not have any input into PR.
Todd is at The gathering every year with his wife Judy.........anyway, Getz, says he doesn't want to tour the bar scene and make little money and travel the countryside.  That's strange, most Americans revel in getting there to do just that, without a rider and getting paid.

Tom is occupied with two new bands and some other personal matter but.............find out if Lisa Mills is the singer.
I asked and it was confirmed but for some reason, if it is not, "sell your tickets" and get the fuck out of there.
Peter is gifted, charming and still retains legendary status in and around the bay area.
Sam also, his time with Janis was more intimate than the others but he is at best a rythm guitar player but great arranger and personality.
With Lisa exuding the best from them last year in PA, they had not played that well as a cohesive unit in 25 years.
"She' is absolutely the best thing that ever happened to them and I've seen at least ten various vocalist over the years.
Personally, without her, unless in a demographic area that knows of legendary status, they couldn't get arrested.
As for Fairport, saw them over a year ago in Louisville, older, a bit weathered but still unappreciated in this country, i.e., Lindisfarne, one of my favorite bands of all time.
Will scan later tonight, but with time change, it will be A.M. before you get them.
Have fun,
tell Sam and Peter S. Albin I said hello.
When in the mood, they are 25 year old icons in haight Ashbury hiding in a 60 and soon to be 58 year old bodies. Go figure......

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