Disolution of Frontiers of Light

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Posted by Buck on 02/03/02 - 12:36:10
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Well Done Paul.......... sign me up.......... Upon learning of this newly created project, JS3C, I have decided that it's time to disolve "Frontiers of Light". It was my intention to "Carry The Fire" and extend Paul's ideas presented in "Blows Against The Empire" via the web site and e-mail list. Now that Paul has breathed life into the notion of a collective of "7,000 Gypseys Swirling Together", and given the fact that there are only a bit over 50 signed up with no discussion in months and months, it's time to disolve this duplication of purpose. I may resurrect the site, narrow the scope and mission and change some names and links, but any ideas or creations by Paul will now be transmitted solely via JS3C.

Carry The Fire

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