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Posted by Cricket on 02/03/02 - 12:08:52
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Hi, Keith --

Here's the list of songs they played (beautifully) when I saw them 17 November '01:

Down on Me
Combination of the Two (see?  your wish may come true!)
I Need a Man to Love
[Cool Baby]  new song?
[Save Your Love for Me] also new?  again, the title's my best guess
Blind Man
Call on Me
Piece of My Heart (amazing guitar solo in the middle)
Ball and Chain
(again, a searing guitar solo & incredible vocal; I thought the woman singing lead, whose name I'm no doubt screwing up here -- Jane Myron -- was excellent, but Don says the one he mentioned to you who tours with them surpasses her)

You have quite a treat in store for you!


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