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Posted by Keith E Rice on 02/03/02 - 09:41:02
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Cheers, Don

I'll look forward to the scans.

There was no mention on the decidedly-ropey poster who would comprise Big Brother. Why no Getz or Finch? Just hearing Sam and Pete will do it for me, though - especially if they do "Combination Of The Two"!

I've e-mailed whoever at their Web Site about the apparent lack of publicity for the tour. There's someone missing some serious tricks here

Somewhere like Hull - a real backwards hicks-in-the-sticks part of the UK - could really go to town on having a former world class act like BB playing in its smaller neighbour, Beverley.

There's enough sensationalism attached to the Big Brother name - with and without Janis - to interest the tabloids and local radio (always desperate for a story!). Then if they can can deliver in concert - and especially if they've got Lisa with them...! (I have to confess I've never heard her but I've read numerous reports about how good she is!)

Me, I can't wait for the show. I'm almost wishing my life away - and there's Fairport somewhere in between!

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