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Posted by Don Aters on 02/03/02 - 03:12:11
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i know those guys quite well, actually stay in contact with Sam Andrew all the time.
As a rule, they tour with three original members (Gurley won't participate due to the snub of the band but election of Janis to Hall Of Fame)
Those three consist of Sam Andrew, Peter Albin and Dave Getz, augmented by Tom Finch on guitar.  Getz won't be going along nor will Tom, both being replaced by L.A. studio musicians so Tom told me.
The good thing is, Sam was a major contributor to a myriad of Joplin, i.e., Big brother tunes and when Lisa Mills performs with them (she lives in Arkansas and doesn't sing unless multiple routing dates), they can definitely attract a crowd and entertain.
Lisa can actually sing better than Janis, has all the nuances down to an art form and, quite the stunner.
I will send scans of Peter, Sam and Lisa tomorrow.  Get gloss paper and make 8x10's and they will sign them for you.
All are quite congenial, charming and charismatic.

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