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Posted by Keith E Rice on 02/03/02 - 01:30:09
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Walked into the Beverley Picture Playhouse last night to pick up a ticket for Fairport Convention's 13/02 show - and was stunned to discover Big Brother were playing there the week after!! (No media publicity I've been aware of.) So, naturally, bought a ticket for Big Brother as well.

I've just been on their Web Site - - and discovered they're playing clubs and small halls almost every night from 13/02 to 24/02 and then following that up with 10 days of gigs in Germany.

So, two purposes of this e-mail:-

1. To alert UK & German fans of JA/JS who also go for Big Brother. Check the Web Site and see if they're coming to a town or city near you.

2. To say to Paul and Michael: this is what UK fans really want from JS. A chance to see the band in reasonably intimate surroundings - the Beverley Playhouse seats around about 300 and has excellent acoustics - at a place not too far from home. (You Yanks think nothing of jumping in a car and driving 400 miles from LA to San Francisco - god, that's from one end of our country to another! - to us Brits, that's a major expedition!!)

OK, the first time JS did such a tour, they wouldn't fill some of the venues. (I'm just ticker 0010 for Big Brother - so it could end up either embarrassing or pretty much a private gig for the faithful.) But it would be a chance to win new hearts and minds. Those who vaguely remember "White Rabbit", "Count On Me" - the English hits - and, yes, I'm afraid - "Jane", "We Built This City" and "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" and who would never dream of going to London might just be prepared to go the next town 20 miles down the road. Once in - even if, even they thought they were coming for "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now", it's down to JS to convince....

It would also be a wonderful opportunity to penetrate our regional media - who are always desperate for new stories. So a band with JS' colourful history and Diana's photogenic looks would definitely score with the "Hull Daily Mail".

So, come on, Paul and Michael, let's give the UK now what JA should have given us back on the 68 tour and create a real fanbase here.

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