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Posted by scot on 02/02/02 - 22:36:16
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Most everything Fleetwood Mac did
was damn good. Lindsay bailed and
then eventually Stevie in the early
90's...but Mick and John regrouped
the band with Christine, Billy Burnette,
Dave Mason, and new vocalist Bekka Bramlett.
I thought this lineup was excellent and
their '95 album was very good...but for
the record company's pathetic reasoning,
it didn't generate any "hits". To my
disappointment, Mick desolved that lineup
and persuaded Lindsay and Stevie to rejoin
to please their label and contract. You
would've thought that FM with Dave Mason
and a beautiful young vocalist would've
gotten more attention than it did. This
is why I admire Paul so much for re-
establishing Jefferson Starship and
maintaining status for the past years
as a pretty much "indie" band without
a choke hold from another label.


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