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Posted by Don Aters on 02/02/02 - 11:26:37
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Message Body songs will be introduced, much like PK's lyrics written this morning on his post but...........the tunes you mentioned are exactly why 90% of the crowd base attend these performances.  To make you happy and delete them from set list would diminish a crowd of 300-400- to 50 in a matter of time.
If McCartney came to Oakland tomorrow, even with his new release, do you think anyone really pays to hear the new songs?  99% are there to hear "Yesterday" and for no ther reson than seeing a legendary link to The Beatles.
Go to see "Kansas", with "Dust In The Wind" now approaching "Yesterday" and "Never My Love" as most played classic of all time and they are there, not for new songs but to regress to a more care-free time, ......"Flower children", dreams, and escape from a violent decade and these bands are the reason a lot of us are still here, a musical healing solvent that still works.
If PK and marty appear anywhere and they don't play these songs, it's like buying a bicycle without the wheels, just doesn't work.
I'm sure a happy medium, a balance og new and old are of primary concern, they aren't stupid.

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