Susan Smith..death penalty

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Posted by Don Aters on 02/01/02 - 21:57:09
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So, what if she had been able to coerce someone 16 & 17, the same methos, suffocating in a soon to be watery grave, would that mean leniency because they weren't 7 & 8, is the crime any different dur to chronological factors?  You think manson is a better person after 33 years of counselinf, solitary confinement and $75,000 a year to allow his dumb ass to exist on this planet?
Geez................the punishment should fit the crime and usually is the only deterrent.  In Turkey, first offense for theft is cutting the hand off, second, the other, makes it a little tough to be a repeat felon but also difficult to be a juggler.....go figure.

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