Capital crimes

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Posted by Ron S on 02/01/02 - 20:02:15
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This is what Paul had to say on the matter in Nicaragua Diary:

"I must add that, morally, I'm against the death penalty. But, its a tug-of-war emotionally. (I think I could pull the switch on a child murderer myself, having loved and enjoyed my own children, you understand.) But, morally, theres no question, no arument. To murder a murderer simply reduces us to his level."
-Nicaragua Diary p 72

I too am morally against the death penalty. But in the case of Susan Smith, mentioned by Don in his post, whom murdered her children, and in such an unspeakable manner, I think I also could "pull the switch myself". Maybe Paul and I could flip a coin for it. I recall hearing that when the bodies of the two children were discovered in the car at the bottom of the lake, they were holding hands. (Sorry to bring everybody down with such a sad image).

Grace, ever Grace, when she was a guest on the TV show "The Inside Track" that Graham Nash hosted on the A&E network in 1990, opined that persons convicted of capital crimes should be used for "human experiments", instead of testing on animals. This caused an uproar and it made the wire services and was in newspapers from coast to coast. Thats Grace.

Ron S

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