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Posted by Don Aters on 02/01/02 - 20:01:57
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Foer those of us who grew up with parents that care about their children, i can only say that the things most of us did in the course of military situations was an effort to make sure that you and others never have to deal with that kind of physical and or mental pain.
I came home to try and get killed from people in this country......go figure.
Add to that, the govt. killed my father by injecting to much white dye during a "free" exam by the Govt. for ww2 veterans and my Mother finally succombed to 52 major operations, 22 minor and two feet of intestine and 37 years of sitting ina chair.  Everyone has their own croos to bear, I just find excessive passive demeanor as a way of saying, do what ou want, it's okay and it's not.
As for Pollyanna...........hmmm, my Mother was a product of southside Chicago and even ill, would rather fight my father than my Mom.

See ya

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