Evil Is WITHIN  ... AND ....OUT THERE!!!!

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Posted by Ethel on 02/01/02 - 19:49:39
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I Just wonder how you got the impression that
I "abstain" from thinking EVIL lurks out there.

I have first hand knowledge that it DOES, and the pain, and life circumstances, to go with it.

I sense the intense suffering in the lives of others, as well, and care to confront it.

Most of my 'work' concerns Duality---and though I've never killed anyone, there are other ways of being 'Guilty'. Just because one tends to WAX
positive when possible, doesn't mean they are Pollyanna.  You'll have to speak to my mom for that.

I know you enjoy "positive" ---- and were not being critical, necessarily, of the people you
mentioned. AND I know for SURE I ain't been where
you been!!!!!!

But on the other hand, I've been on a Hero's Journey of my own, as we all are....and I am well aware of the DARK within myself, and OUT THERE.

Regardless, I am quite in touch with the tone of your contributions today--if not to the letter of them.


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