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Posted by Don Aters on 02/01/02 - 18:55:42
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your input is duly noted and appreciated from your perspective.  Unfortunately, everyone isn't like you, Liz, cricket, Ethel, Ray, Tom Constanten and a few others who abstain from thinking that evil lurks out there.  If the worst thing you've ever done is step on a nail, then your thresh hold of pain is predicated on that nail and you know little about "real" pain and what damagfe can be inflicted by an M16, M50 or agent oragne foilage, or even in this country, teflon bullets that rip through a steel plated vest.........it is not like the movies so don't let that influence your train of thought.
If you want to know what "war' is actually like, rent "Platoon", put yourself in the midst of all that and regress to being 18, when you didn't even know things and deeds like that even existed.
Geez, I was a pre-med student, college athlete and the basic "good guy" at Indiana University, as popular with faculty as well as student body.  By the time I returned, spent a decade of surgery and rehab, i hated everyone.  It isn't supposed to work like that but........I graduated anyway, and followed my own muses trying to perpetuate music that somehow has a certain quality that instills comraderie as opposed to violence.
Although not that old in terms of chronological years, there is no doubt in my mind that I'm going straight to hell (that's actually a song.hmm by Dennis McKinney).....but I wouldn't want those i like to have to follow me when there has to be a better solution.
You rave on girl, if it makes you feel better to be an advocate of John, more power to you, he will need all the help he can get and he damn sure wouldn't get it from me.
peace and hugs

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