Fuck him...

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Posted by Paul S. on 02/01/02 - 18:39:22
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He deserves to be swallowed up by the sespool(?)of shit that ultimately created the situation that now exists. He was one of US!! He knows our roads, bridges, resevoirs, etc. How many of us havn't been somewhere, looked around and said "If I was a terrorist...." HMMM>>>Maybe thats the problem. Are you fucking blind! Maybe it's because I grew up in the 80's and watched the escalation our Mid-East involvement(or at least became aware of it)and their ways of terrorism, and our ways of dealing with them. Now the powers that be scurry like this is some new thing and will use it to do Dog knows what, to fuck US! If we don't wake up, how would we know we are sleeping? Something is definately fucked indeed. The using of Walker as propaganda is expected, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings if nobody ever heard of him again. Fuck 'em. Though if we ever get any details of the prosecution(doubtful), it will be interesting (if not laughable)to hear about his 'fair trial". I was born here, I love my country, I'm truly disgusted, and I'm not going anywhere. Dog Bless Amerika and long live Rock N Roll!!  Rant Over. This is not directed toward you da, just a response. Again i will ask; What "important" people died 9-11?  Peace

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