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Posted by Don Aters on 02/01/02 - 18:15:14
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i agree that he is only 20 years old but if you think he had a choice of being a gunner or gunnee, you watch way to many movies.  If he opted for a choice to take up arms or die, they would have someone with him 24-7 to see what or how he would respond.  When faced with those decisions and a slight chance that he could be sympatyhetic to the NYC bombings, he would be dead.  You're not dealing with Napoleon Solo lady, he knew exactly what he was doing and it was his choice.  Funny how sympathetic people are to offenders of what has to be protected by this country and subsequent military yet know little about how the country reacts to veterans of other wars we have entered into.
I think the death penalty is ludicrous in his case but i doubt a monitored parole conviction is the choice of most of the population and especially for the families from NYC and military personnel.  He knew about the bombings long before they occurred, or so he says, and there are a myriad of ways to contact someone in the course of a month that would have been beneficial in keeping such an event from occuring.
What would you propose, in by 11:00, no red meat and mandatory time in the public library?
This place never ceases to amaze me and frankly, unless you've been in a combat zone, seen a lot of death and destruction, you have no clue what you are talking about.
Perhpas a few weekends with barbara Smith, maybe she could get early release and take him for a ride..................

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