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Posted by The Fundamentalist Returns!!! on 02/01/02 - 16:43:31
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So we get a Starship fan wandering innocently onto A-Deck and asking not unnaturally for info on videos by a band called Starship featuring Jefferson Starship members Mickey Thomas, GRACE SLICK, Pete Sears, Craig Chaquico and Donny Baldwin - and she is immediately put on!

When are we....

1) Going to learn to be polite and civil?

2) Accept that Starship was/is a legitimate part of the JA story?

OK, I don't much care for their image or much of their music, but let's face a few facts....

a) None of the Starship albums is as bad as either "PLAYING MY FIDDLE FOR YOU" or "AMERICA'S CHOICE". (OK, the Tuna album might just be marginally superior - but not much!)

b) "NO PROTECTION" is a much better conceived and executed album than "KBC BAND".

c) Mickey Thomas may be Mr Bland but he sure has a range; and, while he was with JS, he was a much more loyal and committed participant than either Marty Balin or Jorma Kaukonen.

Sometimes, you know, we just have to take off those huge prejudical filters.

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