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Posted by Don Aters on 02/01/02 - 15:55:31
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We have cameras, a budget for billions in terms of national defense, yet................we can't control immigration from mexico and the perpetrators from NYC apparently just waltzed across the border from Canada.  Go figure.
For all those nay-sayers about the death penalty, as long as there is no fear in the repurcussions of crime, we will continue to be the most violent nation on the planet.  Seems like the death penalty becomes more of an issue when it's your family, friends and those of given title.
You can't rehab people like Manson, Daumer, John Gotti, and if turned loose, would ultimately kill again.
Susan Smith killed her own children due to some idiot and she thought the worst that could happen would be life in prison.
Perhaps counseling will make her a better person and if she gets out, perhaps a full-time "gig" as a baby-sitter would be ideal.
Those children didn't drown, they died from suffocation long before water filled the vehicle.
Appropriate punishment????????? hmm, how about, tie her hands top the steering wheel and push her into the lake.  
Knowing she could live 70 years in prison, knitting baby blankets doesn't do much for me in terms of adequate punishment.
If they were our own children, i doubt some lenient facility is ideal for the crime.
I know for a fact, whatever she charges per hour to watch any children that i know about, is way to much but the bible beaters and anti-death penalty proponents think we can cure them by incarceration and therapy.'s like anger management for Attila The Hun, i don't think so, none for me, thanks.

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