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Posted by Don Aters on 02/01/02 - 14:27:09
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Questions for contemplation, but ultimately 99% of the Arabs couldn't give a "fat rat's ass" if every monument and or super structure in this country were to topple by midnight.  
Unfortunately, this country has a propensity to emerse itself in "holy wars", political strife of other nations and sociological structures that are none of our frickin business.
They like it here due to some "freedom" as opposed to their own homelands" and consequently, the best thing a third world country can do is try and terrorize the United States.  When officially noted as "over" we will bring all of them over here, give them subsidized housing and $100,000 to starrt a business or whatever they so desire.
I know, they did it for the Vietnamese.
Christ, they should give all of us who were there an acre of land and a mule, i.e., Oklahoma Land Rush", as there can't be any of them lest over there, all are here running gas stations, 7-11's or flipping burgers at mcDonald's.
Ouside of the continental U.S. there is a running list of known terrorists and you would be stunned to see the names on such a list from "back in the day".
As Weisenthal does in search of War Criminals from WW2, we also have a list of those who ran The Hanoi Hilton and other such luxury motels in Vietnam.  Why we bring them here is a grand question and far beyond my comprehension but...............less money spent on killing and perhaps more spent on street children, molested children and monetary gifts to The Ronald McDonald House would do much more good than trying to bomb a "ghost" who will soon die from lack of dyalysis anyway.
Joe McDonald was a visionary who understood that some of us go to war only because we are 17,18, 19, not knowing the repurcussions and oblivious to political rational for deployment of troops.
He may not be a visual person and he tends to ramble as an entertainment but, his Vietnam Veterans Against The War seemed to be a guiding light for those of us who were more intrested in jefferson Airplane, Moby grape and Quicksilver, than trying to see how many people we could kill in the course of a 14-day mission into the deltas.
Ultimately, i don't vote anymore, yes man for Reagan in terms of Bush Sr. who had a platform of anti-union, and he was with a puppet-president who made millions from being president of Actor's Guild, second largwest union in the country.
A draft dodger, an idiot son of an idiot father, an unclear election where we still have no clue who won, yada, yada,
Fuck em all, I'm here for the music and unless James Taylor, Mick Fleetwood, Jerry Miller or any surviving member of The MC5 run for president, I don't vote.

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