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Posted by Paul K on 02/01/02 - 13:42:03
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For Your Consideration >>>

old comedian joke:
while waiting
...for Flying saucers to come and 'save' us
OR...for Jesus to return
[looking at watch >>> "he's, uhhh... a little late..."]
...or for the Age of Aquarius (the Indian Kaluga Age, to begin ...2012, unfortunately)
just a simple "Eureka moment" or two in our own daily lives, studies and explorations...

"Knock knock"...
"Who's there?"
"Armageddon who?"
"Armageddon outtahere."

OK< let's stir it up a bit

going real far out on a surrealistic what-if limb

Academic question:
What percentage of you give ANY ear at all to the Syrian-revived, common Arab view that the CIA and Mossad were jointly responsible for the 9-11 tragedies?

In this cartoon world, how outlandish is it?

How many Arabs believe this?

What will that produce...?

? #2
How many of the one billion Muslims in the world really 'like you'?
VS. 'wish you were gone, just dead
...or converted?'

#3 How many Muslim organizations, mosques or just plain Muslim people have spoken out directly against the perpetrators of 9/11?

#4 what percentage of you think that the U.S. has done unnecessary harm to the Arab world at one point or another?

#5 what percentge of you think that there are no repercussions, redress, reckonings  from such actions?

#6 what percentage of you think that the U.S. has done nothing wrong to the Arab world?

Blessedvirginmaryonapogostick.com      !!!
well before 9-11
take particular note of the 2001 fraudulent 'election' of bush-boy abetted by the collusion of and by the supreme court with nary a whisper of dissent from our blessed sheepland (is it something in the water...?)

view also >>>
•The current state of the air travel industry
•restrictions on freedoms, liberties, rights
•World Trade Organizaion riots and deaths
•the current New York World Economic Forum crackdowns, as well as the relative 'spike' of the stories in the U.S. press
•The Enron debacle(carried out in the wake of 9-11)
•business collapse
•The revivial of the military-industrial complex (renmember Eisenhower) in bush-boy's call for ultimate new BILLIONS to fight "The Evil One" and to pay for the effete, incompetant 'war' on terrorism?

this morning's quote from the evil one (from a 'non-governmental and anonymous source
-- heh-heh...):
"I tell you, freedom and human rights in America are doomed. The U.S. government will lead the American people and the West in general into an unbearable hell and a choking life."
           ___ Osama-boy
War indeed

bush-boy, ashwipe, et al ought be arrested as collaborators

what would a true partisan do

"...another fine mess ... Stanley"

and on & on & on & on...

Lastly -- for surrealism's sake

Ashcroft's demand to cover up the 'vulgar' breast of the Spirit of Justice (or somesuch) statue behind him during what he calls 'his press conferences' in the Justice building, with an $8000.00+ cheap blue curtain...
["The only boob on this dais is ...ME!"]

["Why didn't he just move the podium?" Jon Stewart asks]

Dog save the Republic!
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San Francisco

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